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Basically the Unanswered list should by default contain the questions I can most likely answer: areas/tags I've already asked questions about, searched or marked as favorites.

Perhaps some kind of personalized ranking could be established there. When I land at the page from Google to solve some bug, why not entice me to increase my rep with an ad-like listing of questions that I could answer on the side (rather than just list related questions)?

I'm not that much of an altruist, there always seems to be something I've got to get done. I never just search specifically for questions I can answer to pass the winter. But, if I happened to see a question when visiting the site I could answer, maybe because I just had the same issue a week ago, I'm more likely to take the time to.

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I am not sure what you're asking, but maybe try to understand the current implementation as described in Stack Overflow Homepage Changes and in Why is stack overflow suddenly orange?, and then describe what you'd like differently? – Arjan Jan 16 '11 at 13:43

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