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I subscribed to the Ruby on Rails tag, and in the email I received one of the questions has caused some kind of strange display error:

alt text

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This is fixed now. The bug was that we were sending the entire body of the email through a Markdown parser, even though question titles don't contain Markdown. So, any Markdown syntax (a backtick in this case) in the question title would have caused undesired behavior. The fix was to backslash-escape special characters in question titles.

(Thanks for the debugging help, @badp.)

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The question title is:

undefined method `merge' for 2:Fixnum

The post contains the following line:

undefined method `merge' for 2:Fixnum

The Markdown parser notices the pair of backticks and applies a <code> tag on everything in the middle. :)

I guess malformed markdown is to blame, because I cannot reproduce the issue from the site:

undefined method `merge' for 2:Fixnum

undefined method `merge' for 2:Fixnum

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Yea, I assumed it was something along those lines with the dangling </h3> – meagar Jan 18 '11 at 16:42

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