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I'm only interested in certain subjects on StackOverflow. I don't want to see every post about Cocoa/vb.net/random technology. Can we have the option to hide all tags not specified as favorites? My ignore list is growing unwieldy, while my favorites list remains small:

# favorites
jquery python lisp artificial-intelligence machine-learning 
# ignored
java c# c++ java-me iphone android asp.net php drupal .net xml cocoa tinymce clearcase verilog libc oracle matlab vb.net dreamweaver silverlight 
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I doubt this is going to get implemented.

I would suggest you:

This is Jeffs response to this previous question on this matter:

We believe that browsing by tag, and tag combination, should be sufficient. The bleedthrough and forced exposure to other topics is intentional; we believe programmers have more in common across languages and disciplines than they think they do. We don't want to create more "ghettos" where programmers only care about or look at certain pet topics.

Good programmers are well-rounded, and are aware of the world outside their "special preferred" tag.

Answer is here

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I hate the paternalism in Jeff's response, but I suppose it'll have to do. –  Sijae Jan 19 '11 at 19:24

The homepage is showing any question with favorite tags marked with different color, which IMO is good enough to distinguish.

I think that completely hiding all other questions is mistake - sometimes you'll be surprised to see something you can answer tagged with irrelevant tag for example sometimes ASP.NET question also involve jQuery and the solution is pure jQuery although the OP didn't add that tag.

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You can pull your favorite tags into a tag set and view them there, or have them emailed to you.

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