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According to Jeff and Marc's comments on this answer, being on a chatroom's whitelist is no longer a guarantee that a user may talk in the room. Users must also meet the chat system's required minimum rep for talking — currently 20 — except for a brief window.

However, the "access" tab of room info pages in chat still reads

Regardless of the room's general access setting and their reputation, these users will be able to talk in this room.

(emphasis mine). This should be modified to describe the new settings.

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Actually, this is correct. If a user is in that list, they can talk, regardless of their reputation.

What has been restricted is the ability of the room owner to add users to that list; only moderators can do this now for users not meeting the minimum requirement.

This probably isn't the last word in this; Jeff's 4-hour thingadongdong isn't implemented yet (note that nobody said otherwise), so the rules are subject to change.

But currently, the text is, in fact, true.

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