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Occasionally I find some 'django' questions, where I consider adding a 'python' tag, because:

  • Django is written in Python,
  • by using a little broader (but still valid) tag, more people may take a look at the question (and it gets resolved faster, probably)

Is there any guideline for such cases?

(Similarly 'ruby-on-rails' is written in 'ruby', but only a few 'ruby-on-rails' questions are tagged 'ruby'. Note: Currently I don't retag questions, where someone asks for specific framework related things; if the question is more open, I used to add the more general tag, e.g. 'python'.)

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Most questions tagged are usually about very specific Django related issues where general Python knowledge won't help. For example, the five newest questions currently are:

I think none of those are of interest for someone who doesn't know Django but only plain Python. Also nobody without special Django knowledge will be able to answer them. Therefore I don't think those questions should be tagged , they are all about the Django framework and would be the same if Django was written in some other language.

Of course there are exceptions where somebody really has a Python question and it just happens to arise in the context of a Django app. These of course should be tagged then. But I don't think a general rule that should always come with would be useful.

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Thank you; this reflects mainly my approach. Just wondered, if there was some canonical approach to this beside (the hopefully sane) common sense. – miku Jan 23 '11 at 16:07
Should we then remove [python] if it looks very django-specific (considering questions with the tag of course)? – marcog Jan 23 '11 at 18:00
Yes.. I think it wise to remove [python] in that case. If django was written in Java would the question still apply? Yes? Remove [python]. – Bryce Feb 5 '12 at 6:01

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