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For whatever reason, logging into Board and Card Games no longer logs in me in automatically to other sites on the StackExchange network.

Specifically, the sites I tried were:

  • Meta.Gaming (Gaming is blocked where I work)
  • StackOverflow
  • Programmers

In fact, logging in from any of these would not log me into the others.

The only site where auto-login worked was here on Meta.SO, and only when I logged in on SO first.

The browser in question is Firefox 3.6.12. This is what I get from the Global Login Test page:

Test 1: JavaScript – ok

JavaScript is enabled – that's a good start.

Test 2: Cookies – ok

Cookies are enabled; very good.

Test 3: Messaging – ok

Excellent, your browser supports the HTML5 postMessage feature.

Test 4: Storage – ok

Your browser supports the HTML5 DOM storage – great!

Test 5: Communication with StackAuth – ok

IFRAMEs – ok

Referrer – ok

JavaScript – ok

Storage – ok

Perfect; this site is able to communicate with StackAuth.

All tests were successful

All tests have passed; your browser is well-equipped to log in.

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Sounds like your work is also blocking which would prevent global logins from working.

There are two pieces to this:

  1. HTML 5 local storage, a local browser dependency
  2., a global internet dependency

We have a new diagnostic page for checking this:

Give that a shot and let me know what it says.

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I wonder if it's worthwhile considering using something like rather than a separate TLD. – Adam Davis Jan 25 '11 at 4:09
I've gone to the network login help page and pasted its results above. I also tried running it from with identical results. – Powerlord Jan 26 '11 at 18:57
@r.bemrose then it should be working – Jeff Atwood Jan 26 '11 at 20:39
It appears that the issue has been resolved... possibly because I cleared my cookies... but if you go to a Meta site first (including Meta.SO), it will not auto-log you on until you click the "log in" link. Which, on other metas redirects you to the main site, so I cannot log in to Meta.Gaming for the reasons stated above. – Powerlord Feb 1 '11 at 20:26
@r.bem ah, I'll add "clear cookies" to the "random things to try" on that page – Jeff Atwood Feb 1 '11 at 21:06

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