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Case in point:

Okami questions... #wii


The question author got his question deleted a few minutes after he posted it. Still, it was the only question asked in this period and hence got twittereredeted shared.

(Does the same happen with other question statuses such as "locked" or "closed"?)

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This is the greatest question title of all time. – jadarnel27 Jan 10 '13 at 19:03
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A fix for this will go out next build.

Does the same happen with other question statuses such as "locked" or "closed"?

Closed questions are also excluded, locked questions can be tweeted - locked isn't necessarily a bad question, so these are not excluded.

Typically the "hotness" algorithm in place prevents any of these from showing up, but I just added a not deleted/not closed check just before the tweet goes out to ensure we don't tweet any of these questions in the future.

Some additional info on the feed - since I've seen a few questions here and there: a question need not be posted between tweets to be a tweeted question, though age does play a factor. So it's more likely to be tweeted if that's the case, but not a requirement - we'll go down and find another "hot" question if need be.

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