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I've posted links to things I've developed or worked on in some answers. I always qualify the answer by saying that it is a "shameless plug" and also that there are probably other alternative solutions. In general, I'm very careful to make it not look like the post is self-aggrandizing. I also only post a plug if I feel that it is an actual solution, and not for "fame and/or fortune". Sometimes I get downvotes without any explanation, but overall reaction has been positive.

Still, I'm wondering; are there any general guidelines to posting a solution where the poster may have a sort of "conflict of interest"?

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See the 3rd-last paragraph titled "May I promote products or websites I am affiliated with here?" in the FAQ.

Also, search meta for "self-promotion" (which can be OK) and "astroturfing" (which is not OK).

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Where there is a conflict of interest, I would suggest a full, clear and frank disclosure of both the conflict, and how you stand to gain from your recommendation. The qualifications you use are of value in contributing to this disclosure. I don't see any problem with recommending something as a actual solution where there is such conflict, so long as there is such disclosure.

I have not been in precisely your situation, but on the one answer I gave that recommended a particular commercial product, I was very careful to state that I had no connection with the product, except as a very satisfied customer.

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