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This screenshot should demonstrate the two different items. There is a tag, a "x number" and a set of followers. What do the different numbers mean?

Demonstrates tagged versus x #

This question comes courtesy of a chat dialog from the SO Tavern on

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The number you see is the sum of the number of people following the tag via email, plus the number of people that have added the tag to their favorites.

A tag follower is someone who wants to receive daily email summaries of new questions in that tag. You can follow a tag by clicking the "subscribe" link on that pop-up.

The "x number" indicates how many questions have that particular tag. The most popular tags are on tens of thousands of questions.

For more details on this pop-up, see:

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There are only two numbers, not three. I'm confused. – Flimm Jan 21 '13 at 13:28

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