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The search on SO has changed and the new syntax through me off and I thought it was broken. I posted about it here.

This search syntax used to work before: intitle: +oranges +apples. This means show me posts which have 'oranges' AND 'apples' only in their title. If I switched to the votes tab, I get posts with these keywords only. Basically re-sort the results. Worked perfect.

Based on answers I got, to get the same results with the new syntax AND with tab switching I have to enter +title:oranges +title:apples. Would you ever figure this out if you read the current Search documentation and examples at

It says to put the + sign along with the keywords, at least based on this docs snippet. I wouldn't figure that + sign is in front the filter criteria instead of the keyword:

to ensure that the words appear in the results
+apples +oranges 

and then this example:

questions with specific words in the title  title:apples
title:apples oranges

If you read the docs and examples and you want to ensure both must appear in the title, you would think to use title: +apples +oranges. You get results with both in the title. If you do `+title:oranges +title:apples', you also get results with both in the title but they are different than the first set or at least not in the same order. (I did a visualk comparsion). But first syntax breaks when you switch tabs.

When you read the search docs page, where would you figure to put the '+' sign, with the keywords or with the search criteria filter? If you look at the examples, you don't see +title or +user or +hasaccepted or +votes ...etc being used.

Long story short, the docs need rewriting with more explanations.

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