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I've seen that such a tag merge request was already put in about one year ago.

It seems that it might have to be repeated:

  • (used 6,276 times) — seems to be the main tag. That's fine.
  • (also used 6,276 times) seems to be a synonym for . I suppose that's fine, too.
  • (used 154 times) — I suppose this ought to be merged with , and installed as another synonym for .
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1 Answer

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is already a synonym of .

The questions remaining in the former tag are there because they were never merged into the latter (currently this is a manual process).

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thanks for answering. Please forgive my ignorance, but would I have to request this again in a separate answer, or will someone eventually get to merging them? (Not that I'm fanatic about these two tags, I'm just curious how this process usually works.) –  stakx Feb 1 '11 at 9:36
@stakx: Usually a mod will get to merging it eventually (maybe soon if they see this question). It's not as big a deal now because any new questions with [win32api] will get auto-retagged to [winapi], and tag searches should get auto-remapped as well. –  Jon Seigel Feb 1 '11 at 17:25
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