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I read an article last year on "Speeding up Stack Exchange" that talked in depth about the 'multi-tenancy' nature of the (then) Stack Exchange 1.0 sites. I tried finding that link again today, and instead found the Twitter Trackbacks for it. The article itself brings up a 404, and it leads me to believe that the posts from blog.stackexchange.com weren't ported over, or if they were, there aren't any redirects issued for them.

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You can view the old blog at http://stackexchange.tumblr.com/. I think the actual post you want is here: http://stackexchange.tumblr.com/post/459188139/speeding-up-stackexchange

We only migrated over the last few posts to blog.stackexchange.com, since they were the only ones actually still relevant in the new Stack Exchange.

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That link gives 404 Not found - do you still have a copy? – Pavel Chuchuva Dec 3 '11 at 0:59

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