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Example question: Under "How To Ask" .. Rename "Is your question about" to "Questions here should be about"

That is not really a new feature,, nor is it a bug. It is definitely a tweak. Maybe not a minor tweak if every site has to be changed,, but it is not a new feature or a bug.

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Resists the urge to tag this question as tweak – BenV Feb 1 '11 at 3:25
No doubt ! Of course it probably is a tweak,, but come to think of it.. it is really a discussion so far :) @BenV – George Bailey Feb 1 '11 at 3:30

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There are usually two cases:

  1. It's a feature request if the functionality works okay, but could be better.
  2. It's a bug if the functionality is incorrect, or is misleading.

Classifying these types of requests as either a feature request or a bug is close enough. Besides, where do we draw the line between a tweak and a feature or a bug?

On Meta, most of the time at least, the importance of a request is proportional to the number of votes on the question. So this functionality is pretty much built in already.

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