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The title says it all. Could StackOverflow have the ability to insert "inlined code", as well as change the format of code blocks to be the browser's default monospace font?

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You can already insert in-lined code using backticks, like <this>. Do you mean you want syntax highlighting on it? If so, I disagree. That would be remarkably distracting.

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I don't think it would be incredibly distracting. I don't think it would help enough to be purposeful, but if implemented, I think it is something we would just all get used to. – devinb Jul 21 '09 at 13:51
I would support a slightly different background-color for inline code blocks. right now they blend into the text too much IMHO – Kip Jul 21 '09 at 20:30

This is a test of inlined code.

You see, x + (y + z) == (x + y) + z

(Use ``, if you want syntax highlighting, use a code block.)

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They will not use browser-default monospace font because Webkit-based browsers treat them differently than all the other browsers.

[related uservoice request]

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A great article that discusses this – tj111 Jul 21 '09 at 15:00

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