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Take a look at one recently approved edit: there is no difference between original and edited question!

Suggestion was to apply code formatting, so the difference would be easy to spot and approve. Instead one needs to actually click through and view the original question.

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Check the markdown differences. I suspect that the edits are formatting only. – ChrisF Feb 3 '11 at 17:38
@Chris: well the link is there, it's quite obvious that markdown diff is pretty useless as well. – SilentGhost Feb 3 '11 at 17:39
Another example: imgurl, duh – Marco Ceppi Feb 3 '11 at 17:54
Thanks so much for reporting this... it is a cluster of bugs ... 3 in fact – waffles Feb 3 '11 at 20:30

This is actually 3 bugs:

  1. The html diff was not working properly for side by side with code formatting
  2. Markdown diff was not displaying leading and trailing spaces properly
  3. LCS (the algorithm we use) has an edge case dealing with adding large chunks of enters at the end (not fixed yet)
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