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My apologies for not putting this in the form of a question, but I wanted to quickly share a positive experience I had with being allowed to edit an answer with low reputation. I know that some are concerned about opening the floodgates for anyone to be able to edit content.

When I was looking at a question on, one of the answers contained a link to a Google spreadsheet formed that seemed a little shady to me because it asked for Google Voice security information and wasn't easily identifiable as an official Google form.

However, I found an official Google support page (via this answer) that links to the spreadsheet in question, which helps me to believe that the link is legitimate.

Under the old system, I wouldn't have been able to update the answer with the link to the original site, but with the new system in place, I was able to make an edit that got added to a peer-review queue and hopefully this additional information will prove valuable to future visitors of this particular question.

Without being able to edit the answer, I would have resorted to simply leaving a comment, which of course could be missed by future visitors. I found the change in being allowed to edit questions with low reputation to be a very positive experience.

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