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There is a question here about whether you lose rep gained from an edit if the question is deleted. The consensus seems to be that you would lose the 2 rep.

Let's say I edit 500 questions, hitting the rep cap of 1000 for editing. If one question is deleted and I lose the rep, and I edit another question, can I still get 2 rep? Or would I not get it because I had hit the 1000 cap?

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Wow, running this site involves rewriting time and history a lot, doesn't it? – John Feb 6 '11 at 1:12

I would think if an edited post is deleted and then you edit another one, you'd get rep immediately, and if you had 501 edits then a recalc after a deletion wouldn't change your rep -- you'd lose 2 from the deleted post, and gain 2 from the 501st edit. It's probably not just a flag that says "this person never gets rep from editing again"

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