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Dismiss flag in 10K tools error message

As a new-ish 10ker, I ventured over to http://stackoverflow.com/tools/flagged and I saw a bunch of entries with the only option for each being a link to "dismiss". There is no tooltip on this link, nor sufficient information on this page for me to know how to help.

  • I expected both 'thumbs up' ("make it so") and 'thumbs down' (I disagree) options. Why don't either/both of those exist? (Is my rep insufficient?)

  • I don't know which (if either) this link is. Is it "please mark this as 'read' and don't show it to me again"?

  • Where are the docs on moderation? Is it just searching through meta posts?

  • (the actual question/feature request) Can you please add a tooltip to these links that makes clear what the action will do?

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@badp Thanks for 10k-vs-mod distinction. My question really is a feature-request, though, as adding knowledge for me is less important than making this obvious for all future 10ks. –  Phrogz Feb 6 '11 at 15:56
This will be fixed next build –  Marc Gravell Feb 7 '11 at 6:20

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See this question on meta programmers.

As a 10K user you shouldn't be seeing the "dismiss" link.

If you click it you get an error.

The link is for moderators to remove the flag from the post.

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