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I've been a member of StackOverflow for a few months and have just started discovering some of the other Q&A sites.

Now that I have signed up to ~5 different sites, what is the best way to view all new questions that are posted to the individual sites? Is there a feed which will display a list of new questions created from those from all of my Q&A sites?

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but I would be very careful following all questions from a site, unless it is one of our much lower volume sites. Check


To see how many questions per day each site gets on average.

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You can create a tag set which includes all 5 sites you have joined, using http://stackexchange.com. For example, this is the combined question list for the Trilogy: http://stackexchange.com/tagsets/5139/combined-trilogy.

Alternatively, you can use something like Yahoo Pipes to combine multiple site questions RSS feed together.

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