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If the community behind wordpress answers support a change to widen its scope, would it be possible to merge all CMS proposals into it?

cf: CMS/BLOG proposals MERGER

old question: Can you vote to close/merge a proposal in commit phase? (just found out it's possible)

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IF a consensus is reached, it's a simple matter to contact the followers of a proposal to ask them to support another proposal or integrate their support into a site. A site can expand it's scope through meta discussions and updating its FAQ.

Deciding whether it is best to let proposals compete, or to join forces and support a united proposal, or to integrate their ideas into an expanded site sometimes takes time and careful consideration. A very, very small percentage of the followers participate in these merge discussions, and a percentage of them aren't directly involved in the communities they are advising.

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the underlying question is whether we should plan ahead to merge down/up with wordpress answers or if we should take the path of *nix (renouncing ubuntu inclusion)? – Knu Feb 8 '11 at 19:00

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