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I've seen this several times already:

enter image description here

Note the timestamps on the two edits, they were submitted at the same time. The 2nd part of the edit often looks like a pointless one, as it did in this case. I probably shouldn't have rejected it.

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I retagged this to "support", if there is a concrete way you would like me to improve the UI please let me know – waffles Feb 22 '11 at 3:33
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Tag wikis are made of two parts ....

Part one is the excerpt (which shows up in the hover menu) - it is linked to post 1

Part two is the wiki body (which shows up when you view the wiki) - it is linked to a second post.

When people edit tag wikis they trigger edits on 2 posts. In this particular case there was and edit to the excerpt (titled: libsndfile tag wiki excerpt) and and edit to the wiki body.

Sometimes people do a good job with an excerpt edit and a bad job with the wiki edit. So it is split to allow us the fidelity to accept or reject a part.

All that said, there is certainly a bug in the UI if it is confusing you. How would you clarify this?

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Never noticed "excerpt" on the blue label on the left before. Well, I know it's there now... – Uphill Luge Feb 9 '11 at 3:36

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