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The page seems to me like a perfect "start page" for starting the day. What I am missing here though is an easy way to see the relevant stackexchange stuff for the sites I have a user account in.

I would like to have a specific filter tab to filter on (or sort by)   my sites  that lives in all the main categories.

Something like this:

                                               hot questions tagged questions all sites top users

                                                                                               all my sites popular sites


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My sites is indeed a default tag filter now

As is "my favorite tags" across all sites

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This is basically already possible, as described here.

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Only partly. I agree that it is a workaround for the hot questions category, but I would also want the filtering on tagged questions, all sites and top users, and it would be nice to just have the sites I have accounts in automatically, without having to maintain a separate list of interesting sites. The sites I am interested in are most likely the ones I have accounts in... – awe Feb 11 '11 at 7:39

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