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How can I follow an area51 proposal already in the commit phase when my commitments are full? I can only commit to 3 proposals and while I await their betas I can't commit to any more, so I'd like to follow them instead so I can get notifications and have them appear on my home page to know when they go to beta. If I had followed them before they crossed the line, my following would carry forward, but if I only come upon them afterwords, I see no way to follow them at this late point.

Please add a way to follow proposals in the commit phase.

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You can always click the "definition" tab (example) on a proposal to go back to how it looked in the definition phase, and then click the follow link there

Screenshot of definition tab

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Great thanks, I wonder if this should some how be refactored in the interface since it was not that obvious to find. Perhaps replicating the follow choice in the commitment section. – WilliamKF Feb 10 '11 at 18:27

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