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What is the grey box under account view?

There's a large light-grey box in the top right corner of my Stack Overflow user page, just above the "last activity: ..." info text. It's empty, non-interactive and doesn't contain advertisement or something. Is it just for decoration or does my browser miss something here? (Firefox 3.6 on Windows)

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See this question. It's a spot for your profile description, if you put anything in that field in the edit view. – Tim Stone Feb 10 '11 at 20:57

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It's the closest thing Stack Overflow gets to a Facebook profile.

  • Want to have your contact information visible? Put it there.
  • Like long walks on the beach? That's the place to write about it.
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Its your 'About Me' if you go to edit your profile. You can put anything you;d like in there. Its not mandatory, so thats why its just a blank box for some people

A lot of people use it to post their work, and such.

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