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When viewing the activity tab of a profile, all entries generally have the same exact format and style:

timestamp type [expansion-button] question-title

At least amongst the categories, the type usually has a different color. This is good and all. Couldn't we make it better? Everywhere else, owner and non-owner, questions and answers have distinct styles. However in the profile page, we have something that looks like:

current revisions view

Could the styles in which they are displayed be similar to how they are elsewhere on the site?


Question/Answer owners usually have a colored background on their name (as seen in a post revision page). Questions in search show a bigger vote count box and more noticeable compared to answers (a view where they shown intermixed and distinguishable). Maybe something like:


Perhaps changes could be made for the other types as well. Hopefully it wouldn't clash with others' styles too much.

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I think this would be a useful feature; I came to post the same thing and eventually found this one. – Jason C Nov 13 '14 at 8:58

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