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I answered a question on StackOverflow about pipes, and was surprised to find the question tagged with both and , where the counts are 'pipe × 216' and 'pipes × 417' (but only 4 questions are tagged with both). I'm not willing to try a manual merge of these two - but I don't see a justification for keeping both.

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Isn't there a niche product called "pipes"? If so, it deserves it's own tag. Here we are: a yahoo product called "pipes". Looks like some kind of rss thing. Not familiar enough with it to say if it is on-topic on SO or not. – dmckee Feb 13 '11 at 4:07
@dmckee: there is such a product, but I see only one question in the first page of 'tag pipes' output where the tag is used for Yahoo! Pipes (and one for Hadoop pipes) and the rest are Unix/Windows pipes. I'd be OK with having 'pipe' for Unix/Windows pipes (noting that 'named-pipes' is used quite a lot too), and leaving 'pipes' documented as 'For Yahoo! Pipes, Hadoop Pipes, and generally anything not relating to Unix/Windows (named) pipes'. – Jonathan Leffler Feb 13 '11 at 5:04
@JonathanLeffler: "named pipes" are something different as plain "pipes". The discussion should not mix them. – A.H. Feb 20 '12 at 11:09
Absolutely; there are over 400 questions on SO tagged 'named-pipes', many of them without either 'pipe' or 'pipes', and there was never any intention of reorganizing those tags, nor 'yahoo-pipes'. Strictly just the dual tags 'pipe' and 'pipes' (with about 600 entries each in February 2012). – Jonathan Leffler Feb 20 '12 at 15:41
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The wiki for both and described Unix pipes, so any misuse for Yahoo-Pipes and Hadoop-Pipes would not count IMHO. Also already exists and has 174 uses.

Both and have over 600 uses each, there should be something done, but doing this by hand with plain "edit" - uhm

I think and should be merged and synonymized to avoid more confusion in the future. Reuse of only one form for anything else is misleading at best.

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