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Is your question not part of the FAQ?

First look at questions tagged to see if there is a question not in this index that might have the answer you seek. If you still can't find an answer, then see the following instructions for proposing an FAQ question.

How can a question be added to this FAQ?

  • Ask only the question, stated plainly and simply, in the question body. The answer goes in an answer.

  • Link back to this index. Paste this at the end of the question:

    [Return to FAQ index](/q/7931)

  • Tag as and . When a post seems to have hit a mature state, it will have added by a moderator.

  • Flag for a moderator to mark community wiki. Any FAQ post not yet community wiki should be made into a community wiki.

  • After the post has the tag added to it, add a link in the above table of contents.

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Please don't let the number of votes ever change from 1337 :) –  mellamokb Mar 22 at 22:35
Now it's 1342, and now it needs to be downvoted 5 times! –  GingerHead Apr 7 at 17:03
This needs to be weeded out; several questions specific to Stack Overflow are no longer relevant here (or need to be generalised). –  Raphael Apr 24 at 20:13
@nicael please do not add it here until the proposed faq becomes a full scale faq. –  Shadow Wizard May 17 at 21:51
@ShadowWizard okay, when will it become "faq"? Simply interesting. –  nicael May 17 at 21:53
@nicael when a diamond mod/dev/CM will decide it fits and then retag as faq. Personally not sure it fits, but I'm not in a position to make a final decision. –  Shadow Wizard May 17 at 21:54
why is this posted as a question? the community is certainly not seeking answers for the above list. I think it would be appropriate to make it as a page. is it because of historical significance? –  SMR May 26 at 13:02
Agreed. How is this a question? Shouldn't the community be actually voting it down because it is not placed where it should be? –  un5t0ppab13 Nov 17 at 22:18

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