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This I came across visiting the data explorer. It's not quite restricted to it, though.

Whenever I load up a query, the value in UserId textbox is 255753, whereas mine is actually 255756.

255753 is an unregistered user which has been last seen 2 minutes before I actually signed up. Even the gravatars are the same.

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For some reason, you have the same email hash as well (presumably why you have the same Gravatar). – Gelatin Feb 15 '11 at 19:55
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The field value is "guessed" by trying to match your SEDE e-mail hash to a user's e-mail hash from the selected site's data set:

select top 1 Id from Users where EmailHash = @EmailHash

Looking at the two gravatars, it appears you accidentally created an extra account -- the unregistered one has a lower Id value, so it comes up before your real account.

Please follow the appropriate instructions to merge your accounts together (cleaner).

I have added an ordering clause to the query so if there are multiple accounts with the same e-mail hash, the one with the highest reputation will populate the text box.

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Great. Thanks a lot. – Linus Kleen May 20 '11 at 12:45

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