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I am no longer proposing this feature request. I'm older and wiser now. Unfortunately it can not be deleted, it's here for historical reference.

Stack Overflow merges with the tag. ColdFusion, however, is not CFScript, nor are CFScript and ColdFusion synonymous with . CFML and CFScript are two languages that run on ColdFusion, but they're not synonymous with ColdFusion either.

ColdFusion is the engine while CFScript is its scripting language; CFML is a tag based language that is different from CFScript. CFML and CFScript share some functions, but they can be vastly different:

For example, a query in both:

// CFScript
myQuery = new Query(datasource=variables.myDSN);
myQuery.setSQl(SELECT foo FROM bar WHERE = 1);
myQuery = myQuery.execute().getResult();
<!--- CFML --->
<cfquery name="myQuery" datasource="#variables.myDSN#">
    SELECT foo FROM bar WHERE = 1 

I write my code using CFScript and most of my questions are CFScript specific. They are unrelated to the ColdFusion engine, or CFML, and I don't want my tag lumped under .

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I'm pretty active in the ColdFusion tag, and I don't agree with the request to remove the tag synonym.

Adobe ColdFusion is aiming for one-to-one tag/script compatibility, and I think the other CFML engines are too.

I don't think the fragmentation would assist anyone. There's not so much traffic in that tag (unfortunately) that CFScript questions would get missed.

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