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Today I added "ganeti" to my favourite tags, but it does not exist as a tag. The UI allowed me to do that, I clicked on the tag and then on "About".

I got 404.

Is it a normal behaviour? I expected to see the tag wiki editing page or a page that told me that the tag does not exist and that I cannot create it (as I don't have the privileges).

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Seems normal to me... This would allow you to make this tag a favorite now even if it doesn't exist yet, and then if it does exist later, you'll start following it.

The one thing I would suggest is that the 404 page, while technically correct (page not found because tag does not exist) might be confusing. Maybe the "about »" link shouldn't even show up if the tag is not created yet? enter image description here

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+1 IMHO it would be better if the about link didn't show. – Andrea Spadaccini Feb 17 '11 at 14:56

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