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A recent "Do my homework for me" question on SO got me thinking: are there sites out there where people are recommending SO as a place where you can get other people to do your work for you? A bit of searching with Bing got me the answer.

I found quite a number of references to SO in the context of homework, but none were what I was afraid of. Still, I thought I'd mention them in case someone else here appreciates the time I wasted on this. ;-) Among other things, I found:

Bem, o problema parece claro: vmalloc() failed. É o seguinte (resumo): o kernel pode alocar espaço para uso na memória física ou na virtual. Para a memória física ele usa kmalloc. Para memória virtual (RAM + swap) ele usa vmalloc. A literatura especializada diz que é raro usar vmalloc. No entanto, encontrei isto:

kmalloc is limited in the size of buffer it can provide: 128 KBytes. If you need a really big buffer, you have to use vmalloc or some other mechanism like reserving high memory at boot.

Fonte: STACK OVERFLOW. What is the difference between vmalloc and kmalloc?. Disponível em http://stackoverflow.com/questions/116343/what-is-the-difference-between-vmalloc-and-kmalloc. Acesso em 14 jul. 09.

Bottom line, I found the exact opposite of what I was looking for, which in this case, is a good thing.

(*) That's "Which is better: shipping a buggy feature or not shipping the feature at all?", so you don't have to look it up.

Here's a little irony. I didn't realize I needed to include a "discussion" tag, so the question was rejected. When I added the tag and sub

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Frankly, I'm convinced that there are consulting companies out there hiring people fresh out of bottom-tier colleges at rock-bottom prices, selling them as seasoned experts, and then handing them assignments along with a list of web forums.

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I agree. At least 10% of the questions I answer at forums.asp.net/28.aspx are, in effect, "I've just been given the task of writing a web service. What's a web service?" And the fact that so many of these questions come from India unfairly stigmatizes Indians. I've worked with a lot of great Indian developers, but this lot (or their managers, who won't pay for any training) are making a bad name for all of them. – John Saunders Jul 22 '09 at 2:56

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