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Hi, I spend most of my time on StackOverflow looking at questions tagged with the [Android] tag. It is fairly common that people ask questions on there that should really be on the android.stackexchange instead. When I flag the questions for mod attention and choose off-topic as the reason it gives me a list of other .stackexchange sites where it should possibly be. But Android.stackexchange is not among them. I haven't noticed any way for me to specify one that is not on the list. But is there a way to do so? That way when I flag it as off-topic I can report that it should be on android.stackexchange instead of just marking it as offtopic.

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If you flag for moderator attention we can move it to any site in the Stack Exchange network. Just let us know where you think it should go.

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Thats my question though. There are a list of options presented when I flag something for where I think it should go. But Android.stackexchange is not among them. How can I specify one that is not on the list? Or instead of choosing off-topic should I just use 'Other' and type out that it belongs on Android.stackexchange? – FoamyGuy Feb 19 '11 at 1:01
@Tim: Instead of the close link, click the flag link and select "other" and just tell us which site. Only moderators get the full list of sites. – Bill the Lizard Feb 19 '11 at 1:09

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