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First let me point out that I'm not talking about sitemap.xml or anything like that. My search for sitemap only brought up these kind of questions.

In my opinion it would be very helpful, especially for new users of the stackexchange sites, to have a sitemap page which lists all the places a user can go to. A the moment some pages are only linked from certain other pages and then sometimes not very clearly. When I started to use tex.SX it took me a while to find the page which lists all the questions I marked at "favorites". The link to it seems to be only on the user page below the "About me" text window where they can be easily overlooked for a while.

Such a sitemap page could simply list a tree of all relevant links on the site, maybe like shown below. The main links can be included again for the sake of completeness.

  • Questions
  • ...
  • Meta
  • User page
    • Stats
    • Activity
    • ...
    • Favorites
  • Special Pages
    • Reputation listing (/reputation)
    • Election
    • ...

I shouldn't be work intensive to create the site, but IMHO it would be very valuable for new users and a good quick jump page for existing users, especially for pages they do not visit very often.

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See also this thread on where we collect some possible links for this sitemap. – Martin Scharrer Mar 2 '11 at 7:01

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