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Five days ago, following a conversation we had on MSO, I created a new Area51 proposal: French Language & Usage. It was covering the same topic as both Le bon usage du Français [French usage] and French language but Pollyanna convinced me that Jeff and his team are most likely to let the community decide. Since I was aware many people would believe it's a duplicate, I explained on Area51 Discussion why I created the proposal when there already two similar proposals.

That question got eight upvotes, did not get a single downvote, was favorite by two users, and had no one disagreeing with my logic (Jez commented that he likes his approach better but that's off-topic).

In spite of that, the proposal got closed as a duplicate - no explanation give.

When I saw that, I created another discussion on Area51 to explain why I believe they were wrong. This question too received five upvotes, did not get a single downvote, was favorited by two users, and didn't receive a single dissenting comment. Yet, the proposal remains closed and the only reopen vote is mine.

Can anyone explain me why?

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The community decided. Perhaps others will come along and reopen it since you have a discussion open about it, perhaps not.

My original post about this subject was concerning whether Stack Overflow Internet Services should step in now and make a decision or not.

I was not at all suggesting that the community should leave the proposal alone.

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"The community decided" is a catchall phrase that says absolutely nothing. It contains both "the community made a judicious decision" and "the community misread the description and acted hastily." I don't mind being overruled by the majority, but that's not clear if that's what happened here. No one even explained his reasoning. In fact, I don't even know if anyone disagree with me! – Borror0 Feb 23 '11 at 23:17
Well, 5 separate people believe that "This proposal covers the same ground as another proposal; it would tend to drain audience from another Stack Exchange site." The close reason is very clear. I understand you'd like to have a full-on discussion regarding this issue, but the system doesn't force people to participate in discussions - voting is the primary interface, and that is how people indicate what they believe should happen with a given proposal. – Adam Davis Feb 24 '11 at 13:23

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