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Basically, I didn't know someone had fully answered my question because they edited their previous answer.

Not major by any means...

  • I posted a question.
  • A poster answered by pointing out a bug.
  • I corrected the bug and updated question with how problem was closer to being solved, but still not solved.
  • The poster edited his response with new information that answered my question correctly.
  • I did not know the edit had happened, as I would have if another poster has separately posted another answer (i.e. I would have gotten an alert).
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I would expect one would be notified, but I'm afraid this currently is not the case. For notifications on favorites, the following applies:

[...] by changes I mean, new answers were added, or new comments on the question. As if you owned the question you favorited.

So, for favorite questions, edits on answers do not give one a notification. And given the last sentence of the above quote, I'd say the same applies to edits on answers to one's own questions. And currently that seems to be by design.

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