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I have just noticed that there are several ctrl [space] key tags, for example, ctrl m, ctrl c, ctrl alt del. I further notice that ctrl-c and ctrl-v have been mapped to copy-paste. In addition, the m tag, for one, also refers to the m language.

I do not think a question regarding ctrl and m, to take a single example, should have two tags, but does the panel think that each ctrl+character deserves its own tag, ctrl-m, which can then be mapped, or should I assign these, when retagging, to a new tag called, perhaps, ctrl+key or ctrl+key-combination?

This is by no means a large problem, but it is untidy.

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IMO those are metatags - useless without other tags, and not describing the content of the question, rather focusing on its accidental properties (describing the action as "my installation of $software does $action when I press [$that]", instead of [$action]).

Therefore, they should be retagged to the functionality - as with Ctrl+C retagged to [copy-paste]: not everybody knows that control+meta+alt+shift+cokebottle+super+w, when pressed in the SO editor box, invokes the Summon Unicorn action, not to mention keyboard shortcut remapping - what does Ctrl+M do for you?

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Wouldn't this limit retagging to people who owned the product in the locale in question? Where can I find the cokebottle key, pls? I am not getting unicorns. – Remou Feb 25 '11 at 13:12
@Remou: Hm, that's an interesting point - but I wasn't really referring to "what does the text for the action say in $programming_IDE_24.3": I don't care if it says exactly "Refactor selected code" or "HIUhsfjoiear", or if it's invoked by pressing Ctrl+Z+Enter while standing on one leg, it is the invoked action that is relevant, no? ( As for the "cokebottle", it is a HHOS name for a character (or a modifier key) you can't type easily, because most keyboards lack it. Refer CATB - this even has a keyboard with n modifier keys: ) – Piskvor Feb 25 '11 at 13:21

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