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From the announcement for Careers 2.0:

Most importantly, we now let you choose your favorite answers which will appear right in the portfolio. You can pick the answers which best demonstrate your expertise.

That's great, but...

It links directly to the main answer.

What if someone makes a subtle change to an answer I've linked to that turns it from a work of art to deranged gibberish? It needn't be a big change; just a character or two in a code sample or adding/dropping a word or three that makes an answer that's completely correct into the opposite.

Yes, I know that the answer will indicate that it has been edited. Is a potential employer going to know enough about Stack Overflow to notice that? I doubt it. I doubt even less that they'd know how to look at the revision history or even what they're looking at.

Yes, I know that I would be alerted to a modification to one of my answers. As much as I like Stack Overflow I can't be here 24/7.

Yes, I know that users with sub-2000 reputation score have their edits vetted, but there's no guarantee that the person doing the review has enough expertise in the topic of the answer to recognize something that on the surface looks okay, but really isn't.

I like that people can edit questions and answers. Over time it makes both stronger and more useful.

I also like the idea of Careers and being able to show of some of one's expertise in a non-traditional way.

But now there's a real chance that my livelihood could be affected by the actions of another. Whether it's from ignorance or malice makes no difference in the end.

So, could we please link to a specific revision of an answer?

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I think that's an excellent point. +1 – user142852 Feb 25 '11 at 16:31
While the opportunity for abuse is there, it is minimal both by accident and by malicious intent. I agree that asking a reviewer to check revision history is asking a lot, too much even, however community edits are intended to and more often than not improve the quality of an answer, which could in turn hurt the effectiveness of linking your answers on your careers profile. At present, would the requested feature be of benefit to you. – Nick Larsen Feb 25 '11 at 22:51

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