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There's this relatively common syndrome where code pasted into the question is double-spaced (with a blank line in between every line of text) -- see for instance the earliest revisions of -- it seems to happen more often with new posters who haven't figured out how to format stuff yet, but I really doubt they're coding that way, so I wonder if there's a bug somewhere that causes DOS line endings to become extra blank lines when pasted into the question-edit box.

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When I fetched original poster's source,

and I found that there is many \r\n\r\n sequences there. So I think that is not DOS issue, original texts is like that as is.

#include <iostream>\r\n\r\nusing namespace std;\r\n\r\nstruct list\r\n\r\n{\r\n\r\nchar name[20];\r\n\r\nint age;\r\n\r\ndouble height;\r\n\r\nlist *next;\r\n\r\n};\r\n\r\nlist *first = NULL, *current=NULL;\r\n\r\nint optn = 0;\r\n\r\nvoid currentfor()\r\n\r\n    {\r\n\r\n        if (current==NULL)\r\n\r\n        {\r\n\r\n         cout << "Current is invalid" <<.....
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Hmm. The original poster commented "I tried putting the code without spaces but it looked so messed up in the preview.So wen i put spaces it came out decently in the coding format". So it looks like you're right and what we really need is to improve the UI for triggering code formatting. – zwol Feb 26 '11 at 18:39
I must be missing something here. There's a tool for marking something as code. It's on the line that begins with the "B for bold" tool. It looks like a pair of braces. I like the way it formats code just fine. – Walter Mitty Feb 26 '11 at 18:42
Select the raw code, and ctrl+k would be ok for code blocks normally, IHMO. I don't think SO will convert \r\n to \r\n\r\n though. – YOU Feb 26 '11 at 18:50

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