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In following picture you can see two links saying Unanswered. Are they both same? Whats the difference in them? When I click on them saw different results. enter image description here

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The top is link to the Unanswered questions list.

The bottom is meant to sort the existing list (whatever it is) showing only unanswered questions.

Just rephrasing the other answers. :)

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The top one is for all unanswered questions.

The bottom one is for all unanswered questions in your current context. So if you're viewing a tag, it will show you the unanswered questions for that tag.

Make sense?

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If you click on the upper Unanswered button, you have different tabs to actually filter the unanswered questions more: my tags, newest, votes and no answers.

If you click there on newest, you should get the same questions as when you click on the unanswered tab of the Questions page.

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