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This question about disappearing due to lack of popularity has me perplexed.

I don't mind Tagsets... It's a good idea, but I think it is lacking in options. They don't have the "option" that I've grown to like. Basically I prefer the "Popularity" option for sites I like. It's the main reason I haven't used tag-sets before...

Which makes me think that what would make Tagset THAT much better (and a real option for me)... is the same options that are available on the individual sites: Popular, Hot, Unanswered, week, month, etc

I'd think something added to Tagset under "Add an entire site" with the option to get the subset of that site... Like "StackOverflow#Popular", "Webmasters#Unanswered", etc. Instead of "All Questions" it'd be "Popular", "Hot", whatever...

Just a thought... Agree/Disagree?

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