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Hello today my reputation Reached to 298. Now under my reputation in my profile top 15% this quarter is written. When I click on this link it takes me on other page where it was written in front of my name.

#5382 quarter Rank +22319 change 277 quarter reputation

Can any one guide me what is this. ;-)

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The user leagues show you how your rep compares to others over a bunch of different time frames; it's showing the current quarter (the first three months of 2011) because the link you clicked from your profile said "this quarter" (it chooses whichever bracket you're highest in -- you're in the top 15% of all users based on your quarter reputation), but you can switch to week/month/year/all time views using the buttons at the top.

The different columns mean:

  • #5382 quarter rank -- You have the 5382th highest rep this quarter
  • +22319 change -- You've gone up 22319 places this quarter, so last quarter you were ranked 5382+22319 = #27701 quarter rank
  • 277 quarter reputation -- The amount of rep you've earned this quarter
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A Comprehensive Answer. – Awais Qarni Mar 2 '11 at 5:55

It just means that 277 reputation makes you fall under the top 15% of the all users for this quarter to end in March. This is a new feature on the profile that got recently added.

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