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I left a comment on this question expressing the the thought that it was a very hard question to Google (search) for. I did this to establish that we shouldn't be too hard on the questioner, even though it is a question that has certainly been asked before. That comment is gone. It wasn't a LMGTFY comment, so I wonder if it was misunderstood or if there's some bot that automatically deletes everything with Google in it.

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Googl-- ARGHHHH – juan Mar 4 '11 at 0:32

Users can flag comments as noise, offensive, or spam (using the little flag icon that shows up when you mouse over a comment). If a comment accumulates three flags (more if the comment is upvoted), it's automatically deleted. That may have happened to you.

I didn't see the comment, so I can't say whether it deserved to be deleted. I do see a lot of flagged comments (in the 10k tools) that, in my opinion, shouldn't have been flagged.

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thanks for the explanation. It's possible that I worded it poorly and some took it to mean "you should have Googled it"; certainly the O.P. felt it was a harsh comment. Hard to tell now since I can't see it anymore. I've never looked at the 10K tools, I probably should. – Mark Ransom Mar 4 '11 at 2:04

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