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For some reason, the user search box on the redesigned users page is disabled. Enabling it with something like firebug still doesn't work. I presume this has something to do with the in-development redesign, but was this done on purpose or is it a bug? It's rather inconvenient not being able to find a user when I want to search for them, and Google doesn't seem to have any easy way to search for users on stack exchange sites.

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We disabled this for performance reasons, it was causing some pretty heavy load for a combination of reasons. Worry not though, waffles is working on a new and improved method as I write this, the search box will make a return soon...along with some other enhancements to /users as well ;)

The search is back in full substring glory.

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It seems this has been done deliberately, since there's a "disabled" property in the input field. I think they might still be working on the search function. Some development or testing might be going on at the moment.

The latest blog-entry shows the search-field enabled, so I assume it got disabled later on.

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They are currently fixing some performance problems they had with user search

HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable

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