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I'd like to ask question to get recommendations regarding some framework/technology choices. When I typed question in StackOverflow I got warning that question is subjective and is likely to be closed. Should I try programmers@stackexchange instead?

Here is the question I wish to ask to fellow programmer around the world:

Which Java web framework do you recommend for intranet webapp (not content website)?

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The question as stated will get closed as it fails the following two tests from our FAQ:

What language should I learn next? (Unless you have a specific requirement and don't know which language meets that requirement.)

Which technology is better? (e.g Java/C#, Eclipse/Netbeans, iPhone/Android)

Partly because the answer is "it depends", partly because it's not constructive.

If you can reword your question and include the specific requirements your web application has to meet then it might be OK.

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Yes, this is what I did. I narrowed the scope by providing pretty detailed context in the body of my question. I explained the application, the type of users and so on. You can see it here:… – Tomasz Błachowicz Mar 4 '11 at 10:12

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