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I edited some questions before, but I am no longer able to click the edit button. I thought there was a problem with the specific question, but I cannot click it on any question.

What's going on?

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See -… - there are some cases where the tag wiki edit button gets removed. Maybe it's the same for post edits. – ChrisF Mar 4 '11 at 12:01

There are a handful of conditions where we will stop accepting suggested edits:

  1. A large number of suggested edits by you were rejected in the past week (at least 5 more than one-third of your accepted edits).

  2. We are out of empty slots in the queue (currently 20 120 200)

  3. There is an edit to a particular post that was not approved yet.

  4. You are not logged in and the post is less than 10 minutes old.

  5. You are on a child meta.

In the past no "edit" link would be shown at all; since July 2012 the edit link is disabled and the mouse hover tooltip will explain why an edit cannot be suggested, like "Account is not allowed to suggest edits".

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What do the slots (2) refer to? Is the number of slots different on other sites (like some things are different on Stack Overflow from other network sites)? – Werner Nov 13 '14 at 1:34
@Werner I guess it's the edit suggestion review queue. – Portal Nov 13 '14 at 11:17
Is there any chance the limit to the edit queue will increase any time in the near future? – ragingasiancoder Jul 14 at 20:24

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