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It's a little confusing that the logo says "meta stackoverflow" but the site serves as a discussion site for StackOverflow, ServerFault, and SuperUser. Shouldn't this site get a name and logo that reflects the true intent or, at least, doesn't obscure it.

One possibility: metatalk.com, which seems to be availble.

If the suggestion to change the name/logo gets some traction maybe we can have a poll question on the new name.

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What do you suggest? – Ian Elliott Jul 22 '09 at 16:54
UserVoice? just kidding. I'll try to come up with something. – tvanfosson Jul 22 '09 at 17:06
I agree. The theme and logo were created a bit hastily, and while the theme has received a few tweaks, the logo has remained the same since launch. (Not that I would object to a few more tweaks, namely some color, but that's a different discussion) – Kyle Cronin Jul 22 '09 at 17:44
I suggest Meta StackExchange with domain meta.stackexchange.com. Is't StackExchange the name of the whole group? – Eddie C. Jan 17 '14 at 1:15

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I think it's from when the engine was called stackoverflow engine (instead of stackexchange)

But yeah, I suppose it could be changed now

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I thought the original intent was to provide a place to discuss SO, but the obvious extension was to make it cover all three sites rather than have a separate meta site for each one. – tvanfosson Jul 22 '09 at 16:56

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