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On Area 51 for the Programmers website

The User Name is missing for a user

Anyone knows why? enter image description here

Is it a bug?

I found it on Opera 11.01 (Windows XP)

On IE 6 (I know IE6 has CSS problems)

But the flair is still the same

enter image description here

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Couldn't repro at Chrome 11 and Firefox 3.6 for me.

enter image description here

But repro at Opera 11 (Linux version)

enter image description here

For opera, It looks like font-size is does not fit in the box, so shrinking the fontsize looks ok.


enter image description here

Sites other than area51 looks like using image based flair, so just switching flair to image based should fix the font size issue at area51.

enter link description here

EDIT: We took S.Mark's suggestion and switched to png flair on the beta pages, so these glitches are resolved now. -Emmett

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