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Often the suggestions fly by so quickly, or I go to approve/decline and it's already been processed by another user, and I want to go back and see what happened to it:

The information does exist in the system, but it's very inaccessible right now. The only way I know of is to navigate to a specific URL (which I've forgotten) and you have to know the internal suggestion id. This isn't a real way of viewing history, hence this request.

I would suggest a page similar to the "see all edits in chronological order" 10k tool, but this is up to the devs, obviously.

EDIT: As Michael points out here, the page already exists for diamond mods, but isn't exposed to 10k users. That would be the next logical step, IMO.

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So everyone knows, you can get to this via a link on the links tab.

(Also adding this answer so the question doesn't get bumped.)

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