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A particular user was trying to post a problem that he had about migration of questions, and it would seem that he is not able to login. Why is this so?

The user in question has amassed closed to 1k in rep, so I would assume that he should be able to post to meta, instead - while trying to submit a question - he gets an error:

I just tried to submit a big one in "meta" about this problem, but it tells me that I have to be logged in. I thought I was logged in (my name is at the top and I can modify my profile, etc.), but for some reason the system thinks I'm not logged in. I

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You must be a registered user to participate on per-site metas.

This is not a bug.

Tell that user to click the register link at the top of every page we serve them, if they want the privilege to

  • upvote (unregistered users CANNOT vote, but can accrue most other privileges)
  • post on the per-site meta
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I have told @RandolfRichardson to register, apparently he's lost his openID password and is waiting for the reset mail, and doesn't want to create accounts elsewhere. – Sathya Mar 8 '11 at 15:13

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