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Can I tell who downvoted one of my answers?

Is this possible on SO? Similar to Facebook where you can see who "Liked" something.

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None of your questions/answers on Stack Overflow have been downvoted. Are you concerned about a particular post? Or is this just a general question? – Cody Gray Mar 7 '11 at 12:06
@Cody Gray: You gotta think more positive. My question includes upvotes as well. – user158365 Mar 7 '11 at 12:37
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I don't believe this is possibe, primarily for the fear of negative consequences (a downvoted user returning down-votes, for example). Requests for the feature typically meet with a status-bydesign (or similar) fate.

For reference: Can I tell who downvoted one of my answers?

It's also worth looking at the minor-compromise effort that Jeff implemented ( Encouraging people to explain downvotes ) which, in theory, encourages first-time down-voters to suggest ways in which the question/answer they're down-voting can be improved. And then hopes they remember in future.

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I think this feature should be added, at least in some circumstances. Once in a blue moon I see -2 rep appear on all of my most recent answers. Clearly someone decided they don't like me -- because I suggested they provide a reproducible example of their error, because my answer was selected instead of theirs or who knows why -- and they decided to downvote all of my answers. I would like to be able to report this (assuming it's against the rules, which it should be if it's not). But without knowing who downvoted it I can't really prove anything, which isn't cool. – Hack-R Jun 12 at 23:16

This is one of the main features of SO that the system of up/down voting is anonymous. There is no way to know who up/downvoted you in any of the SE sites.

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The information should be somewhere, how else is reputation impacted by user deletions. I'm not sure if the data explorer was around at the time of this answer, but it looks like a query can be formed. – Steve Buzonas Jan 19 '15 at 23:04
Poking around I see the UserId is not available for the UpMod and DownMod vote types – Steve Buzonas Jan 19 '15 at 23:21
There are negative consequences to unrestrained down voting. I have been reading comments in social media that stackoverflow has become an unfriendly place. It is easier to cast aspirations then to say something constructive. Ever read Six thinking caps by de Bono? There is a downside to too much black hat thinking. A compromise may be the ability to 1. send a rebuttal anonymously to the down voter 2. Require a reason for a down vote. Won't stop a troll but .... – MikeJRamsey56 Mar 27 at 14:40