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Can I tell who downvoted one of my answers?

Is this possible on SO? Similar to Facebook where you can see who "Liked" something.

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None of your questions/answers on Stack Overflow have been downvoted. Are you concerned about a particular post? Or is this just a general question? –  Cody Gray Mar 7 '11 at 12:06
@Cody Gray: You gotta think more positive. My question includes upvotes as well. –  user158365 Mar 7 '11 at 12:37

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I don't believe this is possibe, primarily for the fear of negative consequences (a downvoted user returning down-votes, for example). Requests for the feature typically meet with a status-bydesign (or similar) fate.

For reference: Can I tell who downvoted one of my answers?

It's also worth looking at the minor-compromise effort that Jeff implemented ( Encouraging people to explain downvotes ) which, in theory, encourages first-time down-voters to suggest ways in which the question/answer they're down-voting can be improved. And then hopes they remember in future.

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This is one of the main features of SO that the system of up/down voting is anonymous. There is no way to know who up/downvoted you in any of the SE sites.

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